NOTINEE Indian Dance Troupe will present Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore's Chitrāngadā, the Warrior Princess in collaboration with Creations dance school and the Alabama Waldorf School.

"Chitrāngadā, the Warrior Princess" is the story of a girl who, in an era when women were expected to be beautiful and submissive, was raised as a warrior and future king......but then she fell in love!  It is a tale of passion, conflict and self-realization, of choosing between society's expectations of femininity versus staying true to herself.  NOTINEE has re-created this timeless story as a dance-drama in English.  Performance will be at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater, Alabama School of Fine Arts, on September 8th 2018, 7 pm and September 9th 2018, 2  pm.

There will also be guest performances by eminent local groups, including  Natyananda Dance school in Birmingham, Shivalaya School of Dance of Montgomery, The Birmingham Suzuki Violinists,  Lakshmi Gopalachar's students of Indian classical music.